Mask Improvements!

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Constantly tinkering, I know, but I like where the masks have landed recently. They have adjustable elastic ear loops now and a new piece to help them fit better over the nose. Essentially, they are like the plastic-coated metal coffee bag closures! They measure about 4″ long and 1/4″ wide so they are less bulky than the pipe cleaners (which I still think work pretty well!).

So now in our masks we can offer child, medium, and large sizes, and each style is still adjustable for a good fit.

Here are a few photos to show how a medium mask fits me. You can see there is extra elastic on each side to fit me properly that could be let out if you have a slightly wider face. My glasses still fog a little now and then but generally the masks work pretty well for me. I hope they will for you, too!

And if you’ve made it this far, you’ll see that I also like birds. Especially chubby birds. 🙂

Adding New Mask Sizes and Adjustable Ear Loops

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In an effort to make masks both fun and functional I’ve been sewing up prototypes of three different sizes, and my mom has been sending masks for children in addition to the adult-sized masks she’d been making. Both masks will be adjustable at the ears as well. My mom’s use cotton string ties so all you have to do is tie them off where it feels best for you. I’ve ordered some silicon stoppers that should slide over the 1/4 ” elastic I use so that you can make the loops bigger or smaller.

To give you a sense of the size differences I made up one of each and marked them up with approximate measurements. Take a look:

Child, Medium, and Large Masks

Measuring from the edge to the center seam they measure about 4 5/8″, 5 1/8″, and 5 3/8″. Measuring from the nose to the chin they measure about 5 3/8″, 6″, and 6 3/8″.

You can see their relative sizes when stacked up here:

As soon as the silicon stoppers arrive I can get some finished masks into the shop. I’ll be offering an assortment of prints, some cats, some not. Cassie’s Cats got a donation of fabric and I have masks cut out and ready to be sewn.

I’m considering putting pictures of the new cat prints in the shop, letting people order the size they want, and then sewing to order. I can only get about four masks from each cut of fabric but hopefully this way supporters can get the sizes they think will fit best!

Welcome to 4 New Fosters!

We brought in a mama cat and her three kittens today. They had been living outside and a caring woman looked out for them and then reached out to have them taken into a rescue. No more babies for this mama, and no babies ever for her three kittens! This is what it takes to try and get a handle on the cat/kitten overpopulation problem in Ventura County.

Mama Cali is a tortie and looks to be an excellent mom to her babies. All three kittens are plump and adorable. Names and gender verification are coming. We’re guessing the kittens are around 2.5 weeks old.

Welcome to our home, sweet family.

Mama Cali with her two gray tabbies and one orange tabby

Meet and Greet Scheduled

We have a meet and greet scheduled for Saturday, September 12th. This is a chance to meet Jennifer, find out more about Cassie’s Cats, and meet other supporters. We’ll also bring items from our shop so bring your wallets! Who wants to be the first person to let us officially use our portable PayPal card reader? 😉

This will be a physically-distanced event and masks will be required. Feel free to come by at any time during the event and stay for however long you’d like. Bring your own coffee or tea (no food or drinks will be provided out of consideration for health).

The details:

Saturday, September 12th
Thille Park in Ventura (see map here)
9:30am – 11:00am
See the event listing on Facebook

Hope to see you there!

Changes in the Shop

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We have been moving things around a little bit and tweaking the shipping model. Now, if you live locally in Ventura you will have an option for $1 local delivery or $4 flat shipping. Otherwise, shipping will be $4. Donation prices have been adjusted to reflect this change.

The other change is with some of the toys. Now, we are offering grab bags of 10 toys for $10, consisting of cotton mice, small felt toys, and larger felt toys. Mini kickers and kickers will still be offered individually or in groups of three.

Once we open the lounge we imagine that we will have fewer goods like this for sale but for now, this is a way for us to fundraise and build a solid financial foundation. Check out the earrings, masks, and note cards, too.