Your visit to the lounge helps support the work we are doing. Thank you for choosing to spend time with our cats and for your generosity!

Reservations Allowed at One Time: 4

We limit the number of guests in the lounge to help you get more quality kitty time and minimize the stress on the cats. We can accommodate a single group of up to 6 people but please let us know in advance. Please have each adult sign the waiver before your first visit and have a responsible adult sign for each minor: Adult Waiver HereMinor Waiver Here

Current Cats at the Lounge

View our Available Cats page. If the number, personality, and/or age of the cats at the lounge is important to you please look at who we have prior to making your reservations. We cannot guarantee a particular number, age, or personality available at any given time. Our mission is to help cats get adopted. We also cannot guarantee that all (or even any) of our cats will be awake and wanting to play during your visit. Cats can sleep 15-20 hours a day. First and last appointments tend to see the cats more lively. 1-2pm tends to be a sleepy time. A busy visit might lead to more sleeping cats at any time of the day.

Visiting with Children

Children are welcome if they can behave quietly and respectfully around cats and kittens. If they will be walking around independently you will need to pay for their entrance. If you’ll be holding them or hovering within arm’s reach the entire time then no entrance fee is required for them. We require 1 parent or guardian for every 2 children 13 and under.

All visitors should be able to follow these guidelines for meeting new cats. If your children will not be able to do this then please do not bring them to the lounge.

No running, yelling, climbing, throwing, etc. is allowed. Our lounge is the home to the cats we care for; it is not a playground for children. We will review our policies with you and your child when you arrive so that cats and humans will have the safest and most enjoyable time possible. Parents are expected to watch their children. If your child tends to be loud, likes to run, and/or isn’t good at listening to adults please do not bring them to the lounge.

Children 14 and older may visit the lounge without a parent but the minor waiver must be submitted by a parent/guardian ahead of time and a reservation must be made. No walk-ins for unaccompanied minors.

Interested in Adopting?

It is a process that includes meeting the cats and talking with us, an application, and a home check. We do not do same-day adoptions. Hoping to take home a cat today? Consider HSVC (Ojai), VCAS (Camarillo), and SPARC (Santa Paula).

Your Visit

Our fees (which all go toward the care and housing of the cats):
Wed: $6/30 minutes, $8/45 minutes, or $10/60 minutes
Fri, Sat, and Sun: $8/30 minutes, $11/45 minutes, or $14/60 minutes

We encourage reservations to be sure you can visit when you’re ready (walk-ins are fine as space permits).

Reservations can be glitchy on phones. If you can’t complete your reservation please try on a laptop if you have one. If you still can’t get it to work please text us (don’t call) 805-232-4228 so we can reserve your space.

Cancellations or requests to reschedule must be made at least two hours in advance. No-shows will not receive a refund or credit for future visits. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation you may lose your spot to walk-ins. We also cannot guarantee you can stay late to make up for the time you miss.