Grand Opening “Cat Shower”

If we can have wedding showers and baby showers, why not CAT showers? We’ve put together a registry and updated our Chewy and Amazon wishlists so everyone can celebrate the opening of the lounge and help spoil our future kitties! There is a lot to choose from at a variety of prices, and we hope that everyone who wants to will find something they are happy to donate.

  • Toys, cat trees, and more fun stuff HERE
  • wishlist HERE
  • Amazon wishlist HERE

If you have something in good/great condition that you see on these lists that you would like to donate just let us know. We’d be happy to take a look! We’re always going to need food and litter and prefer higher quality food whenever possible.

Other donations we’re looking for include:

  • Plastic folding chairs for the lobby, extra seating outside, special events – preferably white
  • Storage shelving for supplies (sturdy)
  • Stainless steel utility table (or other table for food prep, etc.)
  • Shark steam cleaner
  • Blank paper

Thank you for helping us get off to a great start!