July Update

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With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations increasing in Ventura County we continue to watch and wait for a safe time to open the lounge. It would not be considered an essential business and as a non-profit organization, we need to be fiscally responsible. So, we wait. We have had some success with various fundraisers, raising about $300 since our last blog update. It is normal for donations to slow down once our immediate friends and family members have made their donations and our goal now is to grow our base of followers and supporters via Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook account has almost 130 followers and the Instagram account has a little over 170 followers. We’re sharing updates on fosters, thanking donors, showing off our cat-related clothing (#fridayfelinefinery), posting about new fundraisers, and more.

In terms of fundraisers, we have all kinds of handmade items for cats in our shop: bow ties, large kickers, mini kickers, felt toys in the shape of Scottie dogs, ladybugs, squirrels, and even fortune cookies, and more. We have 7 shirt/sweatshirt offerings and a Cassie’s Cats branded mask in the Bonfire storefront. Soon we will have a set of four watercolor notecards. The artwork is courtesy of one of my students from Oak Grove, a rising senior named Anna, and her paintings are beautiful. We can’t wait to get the notecards into the shop!

Thank you as always for your support. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please feel free to reach out. 🙂