New to Fostering Kittens?

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Maybe you found some kittens. Maybe you answered the call from a local shelter or rescue group. Maybe you don’t have any kittens yet but you’d like to try. Whatever it was, welcome to fostering! One great resource to answer just about any question you might have is Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw’s website.

Her site is full of articles, infographics, videos, and more to help you with every aspect of fostering “bottle babies” – neonatal kittens without mothers that need human help around the clock to help them survive. Topics include Getting Started, Assessing Kittens, Feeding Kittens, Bathroom Business, Physical Health, Behavioral Health, and Preparing for Adoption. She has recorded webinars, too!

Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw

Thank you for stepping up to help tiny kittens who need us to help them survive and thrive. =^..^=