Pet Retention Help and Resources

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Adopting a pet should mean a lifetime (theirs) commitment with the best quality care you can provide. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and it may feel like you can’t keep your fur baby anymore. We hope these suggestions and resources can help pets stay with their loving owners.

Local Resources

Financial Help
There are ways to get help with food, spay/neuter surgeries, and vaccinations. Check the links above for help.

Purina sells a food called LiveClear that can be purchased without a prescription. It can help reduce allergic reactions in people living with cats. Other suggestions: HEPA air filters (clean them regularly) and vacuum rugs, carpets, and furniture. Keep cats out of the bedroom of the allergic person. For mild to moderate allergies talk with your doctor about possible daily medications to help.

Cats naturally want and need to scratch. Keeping their nails trimmed will minimize damage and injuries. Ask your vet or your local rescue to show you how. Providing scratching posts and other options gives them places to scratch without damage. There are things you can buy to protect furniture like these and these.

Wild Behavior
Accept that younger cats will have bursts of energy, and some may be more energetic than others. It is something that they will grow out of. Put away fragile or precious items temporarily. Consider replacing expensive drapes with less expensive options. Cover cords and charging cables with covers specifically made to protect them from biting. Engage in active, vigorous play sessions multiple times a day, including before bed, to help give your cat what it needs. Offer sturdy/substantial toys for biting and scratching and not your hands or feet.

Litter Box
Make sure the litter box is kept clean. If you decide to change litters, do so gradually. Strong smells can keep a cat away from its box so be careful what you choose for cleaning. If your cat is peeing outside of the box get it in for a vet exam to make sure there isn’t a urinary tract infection, crystals, or some other medical issue.

Pet-Friendly Rentals
Sites like and have search filters and one of them allows you to search for places that allow pets. Talk with your doctor about the possibility of having your cat designated as an emotional support animal (ESA), which landlords must reasonably accommodate.