I was at the Camarillo shelter but Cassie’s Cats had room for me so now I get to live in their lounge. I hope my new person will find me here soon so I can get back to lounging on the sofa and sleeping with my person. I like to cuddle in laps and purr. I also like to be brushed. Please come meet me!

Princess was surrendered to VCAS after her owner passed away and is an extremely affectionate kitty. Princess had corrective surgery for entropion – a condition where a cat’s eyelids roll inward and cause irritation. Thanks to the amazing work of the VCAS vet’s office, Princess’s eyes are now pain free and will continue to clear up!

We had a full vet exam done including blood work and Princess is in good health. She had a dental cleaning on February 17th that included 3 tooth extractions. She healed well from that. She seems to do best with cats who can live and let live. She hisses at cats who get right into her space but does great living in parallel with other mellow cats.

Since coming to Cassie’s Cats Princess has been receiving Solensia injections at our vet’s office to help with arthritis pain. Any future adopter will need to be able and willing to continue these as needed for Princess’ well-being and we will add that as an addendum to her adoption agreement. We take her in about every 6 weeks.

Princess can sometimes be picky about her food and her adopter should be willing to keep a few wet foods on hand so that she always has something that appeals to her. Her adopter will also need to be willing to sit with Princess while she eats if that is what she needs. Sometimes she eats better when she has company.

Our ideal adopter for her is someone who will let Princess lead the way – cuddle when she wants it, leave her be when she wants her space, feed her the foods she prefers, change up the food when necessary, take her to the vet for her arthritis relief.

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  • Name: Princess
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1/18/11 (est.)
  • Arrival Date at Lounge: 2/5/23