Some of Our Favorite Products

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We thought putting together a list of some of our recommended products might be helpful for current cat owners as well as prospective adopters. We have a list of suggested items in a wishlist at Amazon, too.

Scratchers and Towers

The Wharf (downtown Ventura) carries an excellent selection of cat trees in various sizes. They are sturdy and very well-made. Highly recommend taking a look at their selection. As pieces sell they get new items in so you never know what you’ll find!

This scratcher from Target has been very popular with kittens and adult cats alike, including some of our bigger cats like Jacob.

Our tall scratching posts get a lot of use both as scratchers and perches! This gives even the biggest cats a stable place to fully stretch out while scratching.

This medium-height tower is popular for sitting in the front window and watching the world go by.


Almost all of our cats can be coaxed into playing with a wand toy, but certain toys seem to be more popular. Da Bird and Da Bee are huge hits, as is a very simple toy with a long ribbon of fleece.

When it comes to chasing toys, little pom poms, springs, and “cat crazies” are perennial favorites with the kittens.

Kickers! We love kickers in all shapes, sizes and textures when it comes to giving feisty kitties a healthy outlet for that need to bite, scratch, and bunny kick. We sell some in our lobby and in our online shop. The Yeowww catnip brand of bananas and rainbows are huge hits as well.

From the Field makes appealing catnip toys as well as selling dried catnip. We love their catnip oil spray and carry their products in our lobby shop.


We prefer to feed the cats and kittens wet food without “meals” and “by products” when possible. We want the first ingredient to be whatever meat is supposed to be in the food. There are many excellent brands to choose from now, including Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Weruva, Fussy Cat, Merrick, Purina Beyond, Instinct, and many more. Read the labels and look for quality ingredients. Same goes for dry food, and we do offer kibble to the cats but feed them wet food twice a day.

For food dishes stay away from plastic as they can harbor bacteria.

Water Fountains

Moving water is often more appealing to cats and staying well-hydrated is important for their good health. Different cats have different preferences. We’ve had good luck with several styles at the lounge including this one and this one.


We stay away from scented litters at the lounge. There are many good litters out there including litters other than clay. This litter scoop is incredible at keeping the dust down.


Carriers that can be loaded from the top and the front can be very helpful. Two we like include this one from Petmate at this one from Sherpa. A backpack-style carrier can be useful if you have to travel with your cat. And a large enclosure like this one can help on road trips.

Trimming Claws

We prefer little scissor-style clippers when we trim claws at the lounge (similar to these).