September Updates

Since our last update, we have had four more adoptions. We are so happy for Petey, Phoebe, Oreo, and Smudge and hope they have long, happy, healthy lives in their new homes! We’ve adopted 9 cats and kittens out since opening in June. We currently have 13 cats and kittens in our care, and 10 of those are available for adoption. You can see them here. Our 3 newest kittens are dealing with some typical shelter kitten health issues and as soon as they’re 100% they’ll be available too.

All of the cats currently in our care came from animal shelters. Michael, Missy, Jacob, Sadie, Snickers, and Twix were owner surrenders. Charlotte, Topaz, and Kaylee were brought in as strays. Rachel was abandoned at an animal hospital and transferred to a shelter. The three newest kittens were all brought in by their “owners”. We are doing our best to get cats and kittens out of unsafe and unhappy living situations and giving them a chance to relax in our home-like space. Potential adopters will hopefully see the cats’ true potential in our environment.

Visits to the lounge have slowed down a bit in the last couple of weeks and we figure it’s due to the end of summer/back to school. People need to get back into those routines. Once fall is fully underway we’ll be looking at our lounge hours and potentially adjusting them if need be. For now, we’re open Wednesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm and Sunday from 12-4pm.

We are increasing our efforts this month to get Jacob (11) and Sadie (13) adopted, as well as Twix (8) and Snickers (8). Both pairs would do best in quieter homes. None of the cats needs constant attention, although Jacob in particular loves people! Snickers does too. Sadie and Twix are more reserved but come out to say hello and Twix even plays when it’s quiet in the lounge. Both pairs of kitties have a portion of their adoption fees sponsored for the right home.

We would love to see some supporters set up recurring donations. You can use this link to start a monthly donation. Even $5-$10 a month helps! The link goes through PayPal but you can use a credit or debit card for your donation. Thank you for helping us help the cats!