Feeding Guidelines

These are general feeding guidelines. Please check the whiteboard in the food room for specific notes about cats and kittens at the lounge.

CATS: Each adult cat gets 1/3-1/2 (3-oz can) or 1/5-1/4 (5-oz can) of wet food on a paper plate each morning and afternoon. The food that should be used first will be on the second shelf from the top (catnip, treats, etc. are on the top shelf). The bottom shelves are reserved for foods that aren’t expiring as quickly, single-protein options, and prescription foods.

There are bowls out for kibble as well and they should be filled no more than halfway up before leaving at night. We keep kibble in a large container and usually mix several types of kibble rather than feed one brand/type exclusively.

KITTENS: Each kitten gets 1/2 3-oz can of kitten food. Their food is on the left side of the food shelves. When we have kittens who are free range (i.e. not in a kennel, pen, hallway, etc.) feed them first to encourage them to eat their kitten food. Most kittens like to move on to adult food when they see those plates being set out, so if it’s possible to feed the kittens somewhat away from the adults all the better.

They have one bowl for dry food. There’s a large container marked “kitten food”. Add 1-2 scoops of food morning and afternoon.

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