Fundraisers (Past and Future)

Here are some things we have done and are planning to do. We always need help with fundraising!

First Friday: The lounge is open from 6-7pm on the first Friday of each month and we need two volunteers to help run the lounge.

Valentines Day Hearts: $5 per heart to honor a current or past kitty. These were all taped in our front window or on the Plexiglass.

Garage Sale: hosted in June at Jennifer’s house the first year but hoping for another site next year

Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament: hosted in early August at the lounge. $25/person, 12 people total.

Crafts and Cats: 2-hour sessions where people bring their own craft to work on while enjoying time with the cats.

Painted Pumpkins: will be hosting 2-3 sessions of pumpkin painting on a Saturday in mid-October. We have received $300 in sponsorships to help purchase supplies and will be thanking those people/businesses publicly for their support. Details still being worked out.

Yoga with Cats: a yoga class designed for all levels, held at the lounge! Includes 60 minutes for class and 30 minutes of free time with the cats.

Kitty Town Coffee Fundraiser: we partnered with this company to sell coffee and earn $5-$8 per bag sold.

Restaurant Nights: Local restaurants share 20% (usually) of proceeds on a given day/night when visitors show a flyer or mention us when ordering.

Holiday Market: looking to expand what we offer in our lobby shop beginning November 1st. All consigners will have a 50/50 agreement – Cassie’s Cats gets 50% of sales (absorbing credit card fees) and the maker gets 50%.

Facebook Fundraisers: you can celebrate your birthday or another special day with a Facebook fundraiser and designate Cassie’s Cats as the recipient.

Company Match: if you or your partner works for a company that matches donations, please submit your donation for a match. We know that Patagonia and Apple match donations and have received several matches from them already.

Cat Sponsorship: We have adult cats listed on our website with sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors can choose two-week chunks of time and will get at least one photo sent to them each week of the cat they are sponsoring, along with a brief update.

Puzzles: We accept jigsaw puzzles and sell them for $2-$4 each in our lobby shop.

T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc.: We have Bonfire and Printify fundraising shops online and receive a portion of all sales. These are nice garments and are good marketing, too!

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