Opening, Closing, and Hosting Procedures

OPENING (Wed. – Sun.)

  • Check whiteboards for special notes 
  • Turn on air filters, Keurig 
  • Scoop litter boxes and top off as needed – food room, kennel room, big catio, gray catio, etc. 
  • Check all water – bowls, fountains, catios, kennels, pens
  • Sweep/use Dyson in litter room, lounge, and lobby
  • Vacuum rugs
  • Run steamer at least twice a week
  • Clean any messes; use appropriate cleaners for the mess
  • Clorox wipes: handles of wand toys, arms of chairs, high-touch surfaces – door handles, fan controls, etc.
  • Untangle wand toys and spread them out on the shelves
  • Wash tables with Simple Green
  • Lint roll or vacuum pillows
  • Empty all trash cans and take trash out
  • Spray food room trash can lightly with Lysol and let dry
  • Put new trash bags in all trash cans
  • Tidy lobby shelves as needed 
  • Open curtains
  • Put out sandwich board if not windy and not raining
  • Put out flag if not windy and not raining
  • Put out doormat
  • Turn window sign to “open”


  • Scoop litter boxes and top off if needed
  • Turn off air filters, Keurig
  • Check water
  • Clean up toys
  • Put wand toys in hallway
  • Close curtains 
  • Bring in sandwich board
  • Bring in flag
  • Bring in doormat
  • Turn window sign to “closed”
  • Put metal bar in front door
  • Leave lobby screen door open
  • Exit through back door


  • Check whiteboard for special notes
  • Check litter boxes
  • Clean surfaces between visits
  • Wipe wand toy handles between visits
  • Tidy up lounge
  • Wash dishes as needed
  • Sweep any messes
  • Clean anything else that needs cleaning
  • Visit shy/new cats in kennels, pens, food room, etc. 
  • Brush cats
  • Clean nose and hand prints off front windows
  • WEDNESDAY: dog food for DoorDash
  • THURSDAY: move trash can to side street (Hurst) in the afternoon 
  • FRIDAY: cat food for DoorDash
  • FRIDAY: bring trash can back up in afternoon
  • Replace toilet paper and paper towel rolls as needed
  • Take photos and videos to share to social media


  • Clean all fountains and replace all filters
  • Wash/vacuum outer filters in air purifiers 


  • Laundry
  • Bank deposits
  • Pick up new cats
  • Vet, vaccine, chip appointments 
  • Foster care
  • Supply pick up
  • TNR donations drop-off

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